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The 3 Most Engaging Storytelling Video Types  

Updated: Jun 18

For many startups, it's not reasonable to spend a lot of money on TV commercials. Not to mention that spending a large amount of money on advertising doesn't mean to achieve the expected results. By now, business owners all know that if they’re not producing marketing videos, they are falling behind the competition. Social media offers a different way out for companies that could only place traditional advertisements. Not only does it not require high advertising costs, but also by publishing videos with different categories for different using, it can directly connect with the audience and quickly find the problems, and then to fix it and do better.

If break it down into detail, there will be more than ten categories of marketing videos on the market. Sometimes, they are mixing. Video marketing is popular, but just because brands use it and people watch it, doesn’t make all video effective.

We hear people use the word “storytelling” everywhere nowadays. Everything can be used with “storytelling”. But the fact is not every “storytelling” technique will be connected with the target audience. The viral storytelling videos/content are always very few and even unexpected. What is a good “storytelling” in marketing area? At lease, audiences are aware they are watching an advertising but are still receptive because the content is too good to cut it. This is the deal with the viewer.

Let’s see some most engaging storytelling video types.


Explainer videos usually create the problem in the first few seconds and then show how their product or service solves that challenge. It’s easy and clear to introduce your audience about your business. Explainer videos are intended to be smooth, simple, and straightforward.

This category can be made via animation, motion graphics, stock footage and overlays, stop motion, interview, live action, whiteboard, kinetic typography, collage&cut-out…

The price range for talking-head video (Mid-range): $500-$1000 for a simple 1 minute with no special effects video, $1k-$5k for more complicated videos with effects and high-quality production elements.


Brand: @prolonfmd

Influencer: @freddiesdaughter

Production Company: @jccaproductions


If you want to raise awareness, utilizing tutorial/how-to videos is an excellent move. It is similar to explainer video, the difference is the content. After the audience have a general concept or impression about your product/service, it is good to make a tutorial video with detailed answers based on the viewer’s questions.

Most of the time tutorial videos will cost between $500 and about $1000 per finished minute unless there are significantly involved add ons in terms of graphics or production needs.


This is a highly compelling video that holds in-depth information about the brand. It can be a music video or a branded short movie, which is super effective to hook the audience. It used to highlight not only the brand itself, but also implicit the company culture, work ethic, mission, values and differentiation, so that can set you apart from your competition.

The price for narrative video will be starting at $20k. The running time for this one depends on the story. The narrative videos add value and contribute to the conversation, which is typically favored by audiences. By swapping overly-salesy content for the narrative branded video, marketers are in a better position to show (not tell) customers that they are “the real deal.” It’s kind of like the secret password of marketing. It offers brands a way to prove that they are passionate and knowledgeable enough for the audience to let them in.


As a business/brand owner, no matter what kind of video you are making or will be making, remember to make people feel the value that your product brings to the table. Video is different from traditional expression because it has its own visual language, and if you want your content to stand out, it's not enough to record yourself talking to the camera.


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