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I'm Jessie. A filmmaker, entrepreneur, and creator passionately committed to unlocking your path to brand-building through the art of bringing visions to life with video


As a Chinese native based in Los Angeles, I have been embarking on my filming journey with an unwavering passion since I was a teenager. In order to pursue my teenage dream, I attended the best film school in China. Then, having completed my master's degree in San Francisco, I've since made Los Angeles my second home. The ever-evolving landscape of the digital world has been my canvas, where I've navigated the dynamic intersection of art and business. My cinematic journey has not only allowed me to bring compelling narratives to life, but has also provided me with the chance to collaborate with diverse global brands. This tapestry of experience has ignited my dreams to continue pushing the boundaries of storytelling, captivating audiences with narratives that transcend borders and resonate on a worldwide scale.

Empowering dreams and propelling them into tangible achievements is at the heart of why I founded this endeavor - JCCA. Here, we stand together to explore unknown possibilities and transcend self-imposed limits. Whether you're a business owner seeking a reliable video production partner, an aspiring creator facing resource constraints, or someone wrestling with life's challenges, our mission is to unlock your potential, help you bring visions to life, and seize the leading role in your journey to what you want.

Start your passionate journey without needing 

expertise in everything.

I didn't have innate knowledge in the video-making field. While my passion for art blossomed in my teenage years, my parents encouraged a more stable career, leading me to study law in college. It was during those years that I recognized my deep affection for creativity rather than doing a dry office job. My first video, created with a small, outdated camera around 15 years ago, drew a lot of negative feedback. But that didn't stop me. I made a bold choice to leave my job and pursue film production, first in China and later in the United States. 


Connect with your inner joy, and let it illuminate your journey.

My journey has been illuminated by the profound significance of cultivating inner joy for achieving every goal, one by one,  at different stages. It's not solely a matter of technical expertise, but also a testament to the power of a positive mindset and self-belief.


With JCCA, I blend my passion for storytelling with the pursuit of personal growth to spread positivity. This led to the inception of the channel’s very first original series, "Joy is a Choice," at the onset of the pandemic. As a film director and writer, I, who had never handled a camera in person, began carrying one. My vision was to document the untold stories of entrepreneurs who have nailed their goals fueled by their inner joy.



Today, more than ever, the world needs changemakers — individuals who are not just passive spectators of change, but active architects of a better future, both on a personal and societal scale. 

Don't let limits be the end of your journey; 

Let them spark your creative ascent.

This moment marks the commencement of an empowerment and meaningful connection, the one I'm enthusiastic to nurture and cultivate. To stay engaged with our dynamic community of changemakers, seize the moment to subscribe below. Let's embark on a shared voyage, discovering how we can thrive together. 


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