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The Key Role of Video Marketing

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There is a classic idiom that is used in a multitude of circumstances: seeing is believing. If that is true, imagine the confidence and revenue that can be encouraged through the sharing of a concise and informative video ad.

Most organizations, projects, companies, and even a single person have more to say than what a few words can cover. Usually, these scenarios do not provide an opportunity to express that information or opinion in a suitable amount of time. There may be a single brief window wherein a person or entity is able to get their message across. No matter the situation, product, or idea; the simplest expression of purpose is through what their target audience sees, and not necessarily through what they read or pursue for themselves.

Oftentimes, a consumer may not even be aware of what they are looking for. Sometimes it takes a simple prod or visual cue to let someone know that what they are seeking is just a few clicks, a shopping trip, or even a phone call away. When it comes to sharing a purpose, video marketing is one of the greatest tools of the modern era. It spans across mass media, generations, and even technologies.

When searching for a broader opportunity to expose a brand or a promising prospect to an audience; consider broadcasting a video ad through social media, on television, or even through streaming services. People may read a few introductory words of an article that will hopefully catch their attention, but there is another expression for that: a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is the case, imagine what a video is worth.

Utilizing video advertising is not without its measured benefits. Revenue seekers appreciate the 85% increase in the chance of final purchase. Customers prefer four times as often to view a video about a project rather than simply reading about it through a detailed written description. In fact, when an email subject line includes the word “video”, there is a near 20% increase in it being opened. Not to mention that video advertising is a unique opportunity for the employment of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO works to underline keywords that can generate traffic to a site or link while making it friendly to popular search engines. Using video marketing, a person or organization can make their product or message more accessible in an increasingly technologically and internet-driven society.

Despite all these factors and subsequent gains, the most important aspect of considering the utilization and implementation of video advertising is the opportunity to connect with a targeted audience. Through a two-minute video a business can engage and communicate directly with their customer in a more evolved and engrossing format. By being forced to limit themselves to a specific timeframe, they can discover the most important and crucial information that a user often struggles to discover through hours of website delving and hopeless link clicking.

Content creating is one of the most notable staples of recent years and the evolution of how humanity communicates with one another. By formulating visual content that involves, appeals to, and captivates the average consumer - any single person, organization, or business can increase their online and physical traffic tenfold.

No matter how often a market, the business within it, or its direct audience changes - video advertising will always be a useful device in public communication. Now more than ever is the time to tap into its limitless power, adaptable versatility, and continuous advantages.


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