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Spiritual Branding for Your Business

Jeff Benzos once said, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room”.

Having said that quote, Jeff meant that our brand not only represents us but leaves a mark forever.

Spiritual branding is not only a strategy to market your products that stands out from others in a written, pictorial, or logo form but also about the feeling, the quality, the benefit that you can bring to people, to the environment, to the world.

Photo by Jessie Guo

It is imperative for the businessman to not only create a product but to build up its spirituality. (or you can say morality/insight instead…) It is about being and sharing your true self and exploring your unlimited potential. It is a heart to heart communication and a long-lasting connection. Just like human evolution, which was not only guarded but assisted by spirits of non-living things like water, air, and rocks, branding needs spirituality for its foundation. Humans learned their ways using techniques and energy around them to not only survive the hard environment but they thrived and became the noblest of the creatures.

So, what makes your brand stand out? How is your brand different from others? What does it offer which other brands do not? Who you really are and what your product is truly made of? Every answer lies in the spirituality of your products. It works for both, the corporate and a personal brand. This allows you to let people know who is behind the product, and provides a choice to be connected or not.

Spiritual storytelling for a brand reflects its mindset and heart set that all people can relate to and eventually helps raise the traffic to the brand. COCA-COLA is one of the most successful brands right from its existence. It was first created in 1892 in the USA. Have you ever wondered how did it not only survived in the market but also traveled from the USA to the entire world? The way of its thinking is all about people. It shows the connection of emotion in its brand.

From invention in the laboratory to the global fizzy drink, this brand exactly knew how to idealize, be innovative and turn in viewers to devoted fans for their lives.

Now let’s have a glimpse into how Tesla did it. In the age of Edison, Westinghouse, Marconi, and J.P. Morgan, Nikola Tesla was a giant of innovation because of his contributions in the fields of electricity, radio, and robotics. At this age, the name of Tesla killed two birds with one stone, it pays tribute to the famous Alternate Current inventor as well markets its products identities better. Both Tesla and Elon Musk are telling people they are thinking differently. And what they are doing is all about people, the human society, about our environment. Tesla is not just a car, it is about a movement.

Photo by @boxedwater

If we take water companies as an example, we find it mesmerizing that how different companies are selling the natural H2O in its purest form and yet stand out from each other. They all sell the same colorless, tasteless, and odorless water but how they all differ from each other. The elixir of this successful entrepreneurship didn’t lie in selling a product, but a whole new way of thinking.

In conclusion, there are various ways/strategies to develop a brand. But having a strategy only is just a surface step. Like human beings, all great brands are spiritual experiences.

* If you are not comfortable with the word "spiritual", feel free to read this one: Deep Below the Surface


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