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Grow Your Audience with Personalized Content

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Branding and advertising have made massive leaps in models, media, and direction over the course of the last few decades. They have become widespread amongst newspapers, magazines, television, and now the internet. As they progress across technologies, a simple video stating the facts only is no longer enough to compete with an ever-changing marketplace.

It will be a big plus for a company that not only presents its general information and/or mission statement in a single advertisement, but also provide a broad aesthetic, emotion, mentality, and overall purpose through several artistic means that represent their business and employees as a whole. Consumers are looking for a feeling; a sense of intent that can only be perceived through voice and visual cues. Where one film advertisement might provide more overall information regarding the label, another might present itself more pleasantly and calmly for those looking for a product of that nature.

To express a company’s intent and purpose, stating the facts is a very basic way. It will be hugely different to become or employ a professional storyteller to create an expressive video advertisement that invokes compelling and appealing content and create an overall lasting impression. More importantly, interesting and differentiated content will connect with their audience very naturally. People hate ads. People are willing to pay money to avoid seeing ads.

Being a good salesperson is no longer about presenting information attractively and stylishly with a wide smile on your face. Corporations must also work to summon empathy in their viewers and/or customers. Every product and its representatives have its own unique persona. The skilled raconteur is trained to make their story stand out among the masses. To attract their consumers away from competitors and online content until they have figuratively and then ultimately made their sale.

What happened to good old-fashioned advertising? Why is stating the facts no longer enough to draw in your customers? Why is personalization rapidly becoming the latest necessary strategy in marketing concepts?

To some, it simply makes sense to personalize your content to share your overall message and intent. But to understand the reasoning behind the movement and its growing necessity, all we have to do is look to the numbers.

Over two hundred million people use ad blockers, immediately cutting off a company’s attempts at directly reaching the consumer. In the people who are viewing online advertisements, 80% of them have stated that they want labels to get to know them and understand not only when to approach them, but also how. And for those that have already employed this imminent concept in advertising and promotion? Over 90% of companies have seen greater conversion rates when employing website personalization in their own market.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood

Although according to the numbers, advertising has an ever-lessening opportunity to perform, customer engagement has now become the most important aspect of direct and successful marketing. Consumers want brands to speak to them in a personalized, emotion-inducing, and engaging way.

In the end, entertainment is not the only goal of videos and online content. In a way, we are all being sold on something. Brands should work to take advantage of and utilize this concept to compete in an ever-changing and evolving world.


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